• “Due to business obligations my family had spent a good part of the year living in Europe. One thing that I wanted to have done at my home in New Jersey before we arrived for the summer was to have all of the windows washed. A Simpler Life Concierge found a reliable and professional window washer and he and his team spent the entire day washing every window by hand, inside and out. I must add that, although I’ve never counted them, I know that I have a lot of windows!

    When we arrived home the difference was stunning! The newly-cleaned windows shone and sparkled and I couldn’t believe the difference that it made in the house. Kathy and her team did an excellent job.”

  • “It was my little boy’s 5th Birthday, a big milestone in his young life. My husband and I wanted to throw a party suitable for the occasion that was quite different from the clown and pizza. I managed to find a farm with a farmhouse that is owned by a local historical society. It was the perfect place for 25 young children to play and explore and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

    Just before the party I discovered that I had misunderstood the property manager and that they did not provide any food or beverages – just the location. The party was scheduled for the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and I realized that I had a bit of a problem. I contacted A Simpler Life Concierge and explained my predicament. With 3 days’ notice they made all the arrangements with a caterer to have platters of chicken fingers for the children and a large assortment of sandwiches for the adults delivered to the party site along with carafes of coffee and assorted juice boxes. There were 25 latex balloons filled with helium and tied to the railings around the porch where we ate.

    Everything went perfectly. It turned out to be a lovely day, the food was devoured and each young guest happily went home with a balloon. My son was thrilled with his party!”

  • Home sweet home; we made it in about 1:30 a.m. this morning. How nice it was to come into a lit home and have all the mail gathered etc. And then again this morning to have the breakfast food ready to roll! Great idea Kathy.

  • My husband and I call Kathy our “Tax Season Hero.” Not only does she work miracles so we can focus on what matters most to us – our careers and our time together – she even sat down with us to help us figure out what services to ask for. Kathy is resourceful and trustworthy, and A Simpler Life has brought freedom and peace of mind to our household when we needed it the most.

  • Everything went well on Sunday. There was plenty of food. The plates were the conversation starters. The cake stole the show and it tasted good too. The weather, thank you very much for the order, was great, a lot better than Saturday’s. I am happy the way it worked out. We had a great time. Thank you so much for your help. I am getting spoiled. I know now I don’t have to kill myself to get everything done just the way I want it.

  • I can’t ever seem to find time to take my dog Sparky to the dog groomer and he was looking ragged! I put Sparky into the capable and trustworthy hands of A Simpler Life and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. Sparky was my cute Bichon again and I didn’t have to squeeze yet another thing into my busy schedule. We were both happy thanks to A Simpler Life!!